Hospers FD Called To Report Of Hog Confinement Fire

Hospers, Iowa — There were some tense moments late Thursday morning, when the Hospers Fire Department was dispatched to the report of a fire in a hog confinement east of Hospers.

Hospers Fire Chief Jason Overmole says the original page was for a barn fire, with a tractor and a propane tank in the area of the structure. He says that, based upon that report, he immediately asked for the Granville Fire Department to be called out to provide water to battle the blaze.

Overmole says that once his crews arrived on scene they called off the assistance from the Granville Fire Department, since the incident was caused by a malfunctioning heater that had given off either smoke, or dust that may have blown out into the building when the heater kicked in. He says by the time firefighters arrived the smoke, or dust, had pretty well cleared out, and no flames had been observed.

The Chief says his fire crew shut off the gas to the heater, then went through all the buildings to make sure they were ok,

Overmole says firefighters were on scene for a very short time.



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