Iowa Democrats Get Conditional Approval Of Caucus Plan

Des Moines, Iowa — Iowa Democratic Party chair Rita Hart says their plans for the 2024 Iowa Caucuses have been found in conditional compliance with the national party.

The National Democratic party moved Iowa out of its first spot for 2024, and the plan is designed to keep Iowa Democrats on the same night as Iowa Republicans without going against the national party.

Hart says they believe this delegate selection plan meets the requirements of the national party for the timing of the results, and for the Iowa law that requires caucuses to be held in person. Hart also says Iowa Democrats will get a chance to move back to the front of the line in four years.

Scott Brennan, an Iowan who is on the Democratic National Committee, says he is confident Iowa will get another shot as well.

Hart says the whole goal of Iowa Democrats is to create an inclusive and accessible caucus process.



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