State Trooper: Harvest Causing Seasonal Safe Driving Challenges

Northwest Iowa — It’s harvest season, and here’s another reminder to be safe out on the roads with the high number of slow-moving agricultural implements on the roads.

We talked to Iowa State Patrol Trooper Kevin Krull, and he tells us there are several hazards to look out for related to harvest season.

Krull reminds drivers that unlike most other vehicles, when you come up behind a farm implement, they’re going to come up much faster, due to their slow speed and the difference between your speed and theirs.

He tells us that while any fatalities are too many, the thought of the numbers of fatalities on the roads is a sobering thought.

He says it’s going to be difficult to hold that number down to less than 300 this year, but everyone can do their part by wearing their seatbelt, not drinking and driving, and not driving distracted.



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