Regent Says Tuition Increase Is Actually A Cut

Urbandale, Iowa — The Board of Regents held the first reading of a proposed increase in tuition at the three state universities at its meeting Thursday.

Brad Berg of the Regents’ office explained the proposal.

The proposal would also increase mandatory fees at the UI by 306 dollars, 60 dollars at ISU, and 32 dollars at UNI. Regent David Barker pointed out that the proposed tuition increase is well below the recent inflation numbers.

Barker says students are getting a tuition cut.

Barker is an Iowa City native, who is an economist who owns a company that manages and develops apartments and real estate. The Regent’s staff says the increases are needed after the legislature denied a request for an increase of 32 million dollars in state support for the universities. The second and final reading of the proposed increase will be held at the Board’s June 13th meeting. They will also hear from student leaders on the increase at that time as well.



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