School Choice Week; Unity Offers Full Academic Program And More

Orange City, Iowa — This past week was National School Choice Week. We’ve been focusing on private school choices in northwest Iowa. This time it’s Unity Christian High School’s turn.

Wayne Dykstra is the Head of School at the Orange City school. He tells us why he thinks parents should consider a Christian education for their children.

Dykstra tells us that Unity is not a parochial school. He says, like the other schools we have featured in the last week, they are governed by a board.

When we asked if Unity would be in favor of a school voucher system if it should come to fruition, Dykstra gave us a tentative “yes.”

According to Dykstra, there is help available if you want to send your student to Unity and are having trouble with it financially.

He says that to stay viable and competitive as a school, Unity does their best to offer a full academic program.

Organizers of National School Choice Week tell us that their goal is to raise public awareness of the different K-12 education options available to children and families while also spotlighting the benefits of school choice.



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