Sheldon School Board Sets Meal Prices For 2021-2022

Sheldon, Iowa — At their Wednesday meeting, the Sheldon Community School Board approved meal prices for the 2021-2022 school year.

Although the District will be offering free meals to students continuing through next school year, Superintendent Cory Myer says prices still had to be set.

The prices charged for the 2021-2022 school year will be the same as the cost this school year: $1.65 for Student Breakfast; $2.25 for Adult Breakfast; $2.65 for Student Lunch; $3.85 for Adult Lunch; 30-cents per carton for Special Milk; and 30-cents per carton for Special Juice.

Again, the student meals are free, with the charges coming into play ONLY if the student has seconds. Adults will pay the regular prices.

In other action, the Board approved the renewal of a two-year agreement with Symmetry Solutions, LLC, for natural gas for the District’s buildings. Myer explains.

The Board also approved the replacement of all of the Districts networking equipment, including wireless access points and network switches, District wide. Myer says the equipment is being replaced due to age, and being replaced NOW due to money available from the Federal Communications Commission.

Myer says a little over $84,000 of the more than $120,000 price tag will be picked up by the FCC.


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