Sheldon’s 18th Annual Community Cleanup Day Is Friday

Sheldon, Iowa — It’s time once again to do some spring cleaning in Sheldon, not only inside your house, but especially outside.

Community Cleanup Day has been an annual event for several years, says Heidi Brown with the Sheldon Marketing Committee. She says, in fact, this will be the 18th annual Cleanup Day. She tells us the main event will be this Friday, May 19th.

She tells us how that works.

She says several groups have signed up and have chosen projects.

She reminds everyone to look around your own property as well for things that could be spruced up. Clean up the alleys, doorways and so forth and get rid of any weeds. She says the point is many hands make light work. And we all use Sheldon’s parks and other spaces, so we should all help.

At this point, Friday’s weather looks perfect for sprucing up outdoors, but if they should need a rain date, Brown says they’ll let us know what it would be if, and when that happens.


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