Sioux County Crisis K9, Handler Get Crisis Response Training

Orange City, Iowa — The new Sioux County Sheriff’s Office crisis dog and his handler have received some continuing training — something sheriff’s officials call an “amazing opportunity.”

They tell us that last week, Deputy Dorhout and Crisis K-9 McGrath, a.k.a. Big Mac, trained with the Crisis Canines of the Midlands and their K-9 teams under the direction of TEAM K9 Academy.

They tell us the training worked on desensitizing through exposure to multiple different emergency scenes. The dogs experienced everything from emergency response vehicles, bombs, robots, drone exposure, conquering heights at the Iowa Speedway on top of the grandstand and Tower, to the Blank Park Zoo exposing them to new animals, obstacle course training, tornado simulation training, and experiencing a close-up helicopter landing.

Deputy Dorhout says, “These dogs are doing amazing work, helping kids, community members, and first responders in traumatic events. These canines are next level! Big Mac and I learned a lot from this experience and were honored and humbled to train alongside the teams this week!”



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