Smoke Causes Air Quality Alerts

Northwest Iowa — Air quality in Iowa has been affected substantially by the Canadian wild fires.

If you have thought you noticed smoke in the air the past week, you are correct. Smoke from wildfires in Canada has impacted the area for the last several days, resulting in ozone measuring levels exceeding the National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) being measured at two sites in northwest Iowa Monday, one of which in Emmetsburg. The measurements of ozone is considered unhealthy for sensitive groups. According to the Iowa DNR, this elevation may be a concern over the next several days.

Groups that are most likely to suffer adverse health effects in these situations include asthmatics, those with respiratory difficulties or heart disease, the elderly, children, and pregnant women. Members of these groups are encouraged to limit outdoor activity when air quality conditions are at unhealthy levels.

You can view the current fire and smoke information on the EPA’s fire and smoke map at



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