United Fund Still Needs Help To Finish On Goal.

Sheldon, Iowa — According to Sheldon United Fund spokesperson Cindy Runger, more than $2,200 was given to the Sheldon United Fund in the last week, but the fund still needs a big boost to finish on goal.

The drive continues until the end of the month. The goal this year is $31,000.United Fund 2015 The funds are now at $23,454, which is $2,266 more than last week’s total.

More than $7,500 needs to be raised to achieve the fundraising goal. Since the goal is a ways away yet, and since the drive’s deadline is looming, donations of $686 must be raised each day until the end of the year for the drive to meet it’s goal.

Contributions may be left at any of the four Sheldon banks, or you can also send them to PO Box 41, Sheldon, IA 51201. Essays explaining each organization are available at the banks.