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Date posted - April 7, 2014

It is in the news that this administration wants to give away the internet to global internet community. He is definitely in comparison with President Jimmy Carter who gave away the Panama Canal Zone. How does everyone feel about this one?


Concerned Citizen

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8 Responses to “Internet”

  1. blake says:

    we’re all doomed!!!!!!!!

  2. Pete says:

    Don’t let anyone kid you, their rationale for international control is not for any good reason. ICANN has spent its time making sure the Internet operates smoothly without political agendas. The Internet today is essentially a free speech zone. Unfortunately, in countries that prohibit or restrict free speech, this is considered an issue that needs fixing.
    Most countries have some sort of free speech restriction (including the U.S., ironically, which is slowly buying into the United Nations’ notion of hate speech). Restricting speech is important to prevent critiques of favored groups, certain religions, or ideas. You see this evolve in the U.S. too with various memes about anti-bullying.
    Many Middle Eastern principalities/kingdoms forbid discussing rulers in anything but glowing terms. Even Germany prohibits the depiction of Nazi symbolism. Restrictions are rampant, but today’s Internet is wide open. It’s a megaphone blaring past the local restrictions.
    Porn, of course, will be the first thing to go. We all know there is too much on the net and it is too freely available. But this is not the job for ICANN. Will it become the job of the next group to come along? You can count on it. Forget net neutrality; Content neutrality is over.
    So enjoy the Internet while you can. America has waved the white flag.

    • Free Man says:

      I suspect there will be new UN taxes associate with this also, to pay for all the new international restrictions to be placed on the flow of information on the net.

  3. Concerned says:

    Jimmy Carter was the last democrat president that I voted for. After paying 16% interest and him giving away the Panama Canal I learned that to survive we needed a person with business experience and common sense. Not a community organizer or a preacher.

    • LazloTu says:

      Yeah; so you got the Bush/Cheney mob to create the path to prosperity and a ‘real America’…..

      YOU have good reason to be “concerned”. Good luck.

  4. Keni says:

    Big Brother is already watching, what, now we need somebody to watch Big Brother? Well, then who is gonna watch those that are watching Big Brother? And who will be watching them? Can’t be…funny how that works.

  5. Jon says:

    The arrangement that ICANN has with the US government was always meant to be temporary. Actually, this is essentially putting the internet in private rather than public hands, although it would be disingenuous to say that they will not still face political pressure both from individual nations and from international organizations like the UN. However, as it stands it was Republicans who were against net neutrality in favor of price structuring (gouging) for internet providers, it was abuses of surveillance on the part of the government in the NSA and other agencies that led to a decision to allow the government to sever and relinquish its control over the internet, turning it over to the non-profit organization. Though some have expressed fears like the one posed by the original poster, they remain, at least for the moment, only fears. Interesting how people don’t like government regulation but are suddenly for it when it suits their particular agenda.

    • TM says:

      Well said
      I agree hole heartily. One min they say government it bad the next they cry like little girls when the government isn’t there to hold there hand. Sometimes I think people like to complain about anything. Its to cold out 5 min later the sun is to bright. As my grandfather always said if you go to the toilet to take a wiss and end up S$%ting your self maybe you should have thought about the wiss a little more before you opened your fly

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