Beehive Found In ThermoCel Site

Sheldon, Iowa — There has been a discovery of a beehive near the ThermoCel site.

According to Sheldon City Manager Sam Kooiker, the hive was discovered in the northwest corner of Quonset hut on the south end of the ThermoCel site. He says that he is told that the bees are preparing for winter, so that makes it a bit tougher to move them safely, however, since the weather has been warmer as of late, it is thought that it is still possible to move the hive.

Dave Korver, a representative from the Siouxland Beekeepers Association, and one of the people coming to move the hive says that this is not out of the ordinary for bees to build their hives in places like this.

(as said) “Any time that they can find a hole like in the cavity of this wall that suits them for the size, the scout bees go and they look for a spot and when they find that they go and tell the other bees and then they’ll move to a different spot.”

Korver also says that the bees will be moved to one of his bee yards located in northwest Iowa, and then the bees will be moved again in the winter to California because they would not survive the winter here.

The City of Sheldon also wants people to know that this is not slowing down the demolition at ThermoCel at all, and the Quonset hut will be removed after the hive is removed. The hive is being moved on Thursday, October 8th.