Ernst: Trump “Upset” With EPA Over Biofuels Issue

Statewide Iowa — (RI) — Iowa Senator Joni Ernst says she’s talked directly with President Trump about the furor over proposed EPA rules which Ernst says do not fulfill the deal Trump struck in September on the renewable fuels standard.

Ernst says there is what she calls “an opportunity for correction,” but she’s not sure now is the time for that to happen. A public comment period is currently underway on the EPA’s mandate on ethanol and biodiesel production in 2020.

Ernst and Iowa’s other U.S. Senator, Chuck Grassley, have filed written statements with the EPA, urging agency officials to “uphold their end of the bargain” that Trump struck with the biofuels industry.

Ernst has previously called for EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler’s removal if the EPA doesn’t adjust its plan for next year’s federal production mandate for ethanol and biodiesel.

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