Council Moves Forward On Nuisance Buildings

Sheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon City Council has moved toward getting rid of several nuisance buildings. City Attorney Micah Schreurs reported to the Council at their Wednesday meeting that he has been in conversations with a party that has an interest in the old Thermocel Building, which is located along the railroad tracks at 300 Iselin Avenue. He says although nothing definite has been agreed upon their discussions are very positive. However nothing will happen until sometime in 2019. Since the city has budgeted $40-thousand for this type of situation in the current fiscal year, he suggests that money could be used toward the old burned out can redemption center on Highway 18 West, as well as the Sunset Motel Property on South 2nd Avenue. Schreurs also said that the process for any of these areas may take time, since there is a procedure in the City Code that must be followed. That procedure begins with the City filing a petition for abandonment.

The Council gave the fire department the green light to proceed with the purchase of a new fire truck at the cost of $552,312.00. That amount will be due on delivery of the unit, which is projected to be 365 days from the signing of the purchase contract. The fire department expects to get somewhere between $45 to $75-thousand dollars for the twenty-year-old pumper that will be replaced by the new truck. Councilman Eggers commented that the new fire truck is just one of several emergency vehicle costs that the City must consider in the near future, and he suggested there must be a plan to see to it that these services are well supported.

In other business, the Council approved a contract with RDG Planning and Development to develop plans for the new Crossroads Community Park in the area where the events center and pond are located. The City of Sheldon and SCDC will each pay $10-thousand dollars for this service. It was noted that using a firm such as RDG in the planning process puts the City in a better position to receive a grant for the project.

Public Works Director Todd Uhl reported that 16th Street is open to traffic, but he says there are several items that must be completed before a final settlement can be made with the contractor. 

Police Chief Lyle Bolkema commented on a situation that occurred early Friday morning when a man with a gun walked into Casey’s West in Sheldon, stole cigarettes, and then drove away. An officer located the car and driver later. Other law enforcement agencies were called for assistance, including a multi-agency team that trains for such situations. Bolkema said he was grateful for the work of his officers, and the others who assisted them. He says the situation brought home the harsh reality that when officers put on their uniforms and leave home for work, there’s always a chance that they may not return.

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