Sioux Center Man Jailed On A Trio Of Charges

Sioux Center, Iowa — A Sioux Center man is in jail following his arrest on a trio of charges this past Thursday.

According to court records, 20-year-old Gilmar Lopez-Lopez is charged with Forgery, which is a Class D Felony, for allegedly having in his possession a forged Social Security card.

Lopez-Lopez was also charged with Possession of Fictitious ID, a Serious Misdemeanor, for allegedly being in possession of a fictitious Texas ID that had his photo on it, but had an ID number belonging to a different person and a name and date of birth belonging to yet another individual. He reportedly admitted to authorities that the ID was for fraudulent employment purposes.

Finally, Lopez-Lopez was charged with Possession of Methamphetamine, which is a Serious Misdemeanor.

As of mid-afternoon Monday, Lopez-Lopez remained house in the Sioux County Jail.


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